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Our Congregation

We are an intimate and active congregation of people who gather together every Sunday around God’s means of grace and forgiveness—the preached Word and Holy Communion.  You’ll find life-long Lutherans here as well as those who come from a variety of denominations.  Our members are young and old, including singles, couples, and families.


We are a congregation dedicated to reaching out, welcoming, and including all people into our faith community, especially those who may have been hurt or excluded by other communities.  We welcome those of the LGBT community to join us to celebrate God’s love for all.


You'll find a very warm welcome awaiting you at Christ Church!


Central to worship in the Lutheran tradition is the Gospel--the good news that for Jesus' sake, God forgives us and claims us to be His own beloved children.  That Gospel comes to us through the holy Ministry of the Church--through the preached Word and in the administrations of Baptism, Absolution, and Communion (sacraments).


Our worship service is patterned on the western order of the Mass and is similar to the Roman Catholic Mass and the Episcopal/Anglican Mass. The Lutheran Mass is both evangelical and catholic, meaning that the Gospel is central and that we maintain many of the worship practices and customs found in the early centuries of the church including the observance of the liturgical calendar, vestments, chanting portions of the service, scripture readings, Creed, hymns, and weekly celebrations of Holy Communion.  We at Christ Church willingly follow the early reformers' words that "we (the Lutheran churches) do not abolish the Mass, but religiously maintain and defend it.  For among us masses are celebrated every Lord's Day and other festivals.." (The Defense of the Augsburg Confession, Article XXIV).


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