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Christ's Kitchen



This is a bitter sweet post for me. I have had the amazing privilege to be the Coordinator for this precious outreach program since its inception almost 7 1/2 years ago.  We have served over 26,000 meals over that time, made many new friends, prayed for those in need, cried for those who have left us and been so blessed by the love and affection our clients have shown us. Along the way we have worked with Girl and Boy Scouts, been able to help those in need of Community Service hours and known many, many wonderful volunteers who have been part of our family from a few months to many years.  

When my husband and I decided to retire to Montana we were in search of a new coordinator and home for the kitchen.  I am so happy that Safe Harbor Church has graciously taken our program in.  They are very active as an outreach center in Prattville and I know that Christ Kitchen will flourish as never before.  I am excited to watch and see how many more lives will be blessed by this ministry.

There have been so, so many people who have been with us and I wont attempt to name you all but please know that each and every one of you have made our program so successful and me a better person. I will miss each and everyone of you.  Thank you and GOD bless you all.

For more information on our meals and if you would like to volunteer please contact Jane Milam, Coordinator at 334-313-1425 or our email at

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